This course will introduce students to the fundamental concepts required for the design and drafting of a public building by working through the steps required for an ART GALLERY design with compulsory administrative section of the building. Students will work individually and collaboratively with the lecturers to put disciplinary knowledge and expertise into practice through a specific project. Design of a gallery puts in focus development of a strong concept within the given context. Furthermore, the project task asks the students to suggest solutions for public space and its integration with the new object and with the existing context. The functional solution should be a reflection of a conceptual journey – reflection of artistic exhibition.

Lectures will introduce a broad range of issues including design process, human factors, context, site, environment, culture, diversity, accessibility, technologies, materiality, exhibition space and office standards etc. Project assignment will break the design process into a series of steps that are authentic activities of architectural practice. At each step of the way, there will be an introduction to relevant information related to standards and technicalities of public building design, separation of public and private spaces, as well as standards for office space planning, and underground garage.